magic moments...

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some moments are just magical............  February 2014 had a few such moments!  we held our annual Scrapbook Retreat at the Tsitsikamma Coast.  each lady got a photo shoot as a gift.  what a blessing this was to me, i think more than to the ladies who were photographed!  i am still looking at each and every one of these ladies through the lens - and i see only beauty...........  25 beautiful women created in the image of God, perfect in His eyes through the Blood of Jesus Christ.  i am on a mission to scrapbook a page of all of them (could take me a while!!) and i am happy to share this one!  i am testing out some new inks, and it was so much fun experimenting with them!  i used masking, heat embossing, stamping, created custom papers and of course once again i had to use loads of dies on the page ( i am just so in love with metal dies - aren't you? LOL)  i am considering teaching this layout in the shop at some stage - once the new inks have arrived - or perhaps even before that!  to my inspiration for this page - Annie, Joan, Christell and Estie - your love for life and your happiness in this moment, captured forever, will always make me smile!  thank you!  xxxxx

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