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here i am again.  two posts in less than a month!  it is a record!

i have been working on something for someone - here is the story.

June 20 was my birthday.  it was also the day after the last leg of the Scrapbook Studio Secret Scrapbook Event and i took Jowilna and Kerrie to the airport in Port Elizabeth.  it was a long day - flights were delayed and i think i left the airport at about 2:30pm.  i needed to just be alone for a little while - i was emotional after saying goodbye to Kerrie and i could finally just exhale after a 3 week long road trip. i don't like malls, but i decided to stop at the Baywest Mall that is on my way home.  just to wander and be incognito.

i wandered into the PNA. as always, when i am in craft/art shops, i veered towards the easels... i crave an easel.  a real easel.  but the price tag always scares me off. as i was standing and admiring their easels, someone asked me if i was looking for an easel.  it was just a random lady next to me. i said yes, but i simply cannot afford it.  she said to me that she had one she would like to give to me if i wanted it - i must just come and collect it.

just like that.  not who she was, nothing.  she just offered me her easel... i looked at her and asked her WHY? she said she had just moved and it was her daughters' when she was at school and she had no room or use for it.

my mouth literally fell open.  i grabbed her and hugged her so hard (i think she KNEW then i was a little unstable) and told her that it was my birthday and there was NO reason for me to be in that mall.  except that it was a Divine appointment.

the Lord knew i needed a random act of kindness.  i was a little (well, actually, completely) depleted.  with this one act of kindness from a complete stranger, He filled me again - so that i was overflowing.

i asked her to send me a photo that was special to her - to this day i have not told her what i do and she has not asked.  we have not spoken again.  Marius fetched the easel that week and she emailed me the photo.  i have been working on this project for a while now.

the photo is of her granddaughters.  she does not do scrapbooking.  i tried to keep it simple - it is going into a frame and Marius will just drop it off at her house this week - i am not even letting her know.

God is good - He KNOWS what we need.  the easel is awesome - but it is not about the easel.  i don't accept gifts easily.  i am usually the one doing the giving.  He knew that i needed to "receive" on that day...  and His timing is always soooo perfect.

He also uses His children to fulfill His purpose.  i asked Maretha WHY she offered the easel to me specifically on that day.

her answer - she was being obedient to the Lord.

thank you.....


here is the awesome easel - i ♥ it...........

Random Act Easel

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