My personal 2016 Secret Scrapbook Event Journey


in March 2015 i started to plan an Event.  just something fun.  i had a few ideas and ran it past one or two people that i wanted to be part of it. i don't think i really thought it through...  i just did it.

i did not do it alone.  there were a few very special people behind the scenes with me without whom this never would have become a reality.  i know most of them do not want to be mentioned.  two of them know who they are.  you know how i feel...  you know WHAT i feel for your support every step of the way.  your encouragement, your guidance, your advice when hard decisions had to be made.  your voices of reason when emotion wanted to take over.

your belief in me and this endeavor. 

i thank you from the bottom of my heart...  i cannot say more than that without sounding mushy.

then there were my staff... 6 amazing ladies who never waivered - not even when the going got tough and we all wondered if we should not perhaps be looking for a different line of work!  LOL!  you were all amazing...  Kim, Priscilla, Kaylene, Desiréé, Lizane and Valencia.  i am blessed beyond measure.  the Lord sent you to me - thank you for sticking it out.

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my dearest husband... he does not do groups of people. especially not groups of women.  he thinks i am crazy to do what i do.  but he offered to go with to Cape Town - just for moral support for the beginning and then he was supposed to go fishing.  well, he never got to go ANYWHERE.  he assembled machines, sorted out lunches, made sure the ladies were ok and most of all - he kept me in line (or he tried to...)  he was my rock.  he flew up to Benoni to support me there and was at the JBay Event as well - assembling machines, helping ladies get their food on time and clearing lunch tables...

i saw a side of him that i had never seen before. the best of all - when i needed a hug - when i was not giving hugs - he was there to give me one...  i love you i love you i love you.  thank you

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Jowilna - thank you for always sharing your talent with our ladies.  i know it was a huge sacrifice to be gone from home for so long  - you are an amazing talent and we are priviliged to have you always teach at our Events.  may you be blessed and find the happiness and peace all artists desperately crave...  you deserve it.

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Kerrie - what can i say.  you blew me away.  going on a road trip with a strange woman is not just something anyone can do - maybe for a weekend, but for 3 weeks???  you are simply a breath of fresh air and you are now (whether you want to be it or not) my new family member - as you know, i have a thing for families... you are just too special.  thank you for sharing YOURSELF with 300 South African Scrappers - always being such a good sport, even when being attacked by a LION!!  your positive outlook on life, your easy going way and your passion for what you do makes me want to bottle you and preserve you just like that - and then i can take you out whenever i need a little bit of you.  thank you thank you thank you

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all fo this means nothing if the name of Jesus Christ was not glorified.  all the glory belongs to Him.  any mistakes, any failures - those are mine.  anything that was good - that belongs to Him.  thank you, Heavenly Father, for protecting me on the road - we drove more than 3000km.  nothing went wrong.  not a flat tyre.  the car did not break down.  we felt safe at all times - well, perhaps not Kerrie!  LOL! i am just in awe - His GRACE was enough. 

to the two companies who collaborated with us on this Event - The Wholesaler and Couture Creations - THANK YOU. thank you for making the almost impossible happen - allowing us to use products that have not even been released ANYWHERE in the world - shipping directly from the factory - just so that our amazing clients here in South Africa could be FIRST for a change - and not always get the "leftovers"!!  you know how much i appreciate your willingness to take the chance on this Event...

Wholesaler LOGO  couture-creations-logo 1

and then - to each and every lady and one gentleman that attended the Event...

i know that we did not get it 100% right.  i know that there were things that we could have done better or different.  i know that i will NEVER be able to make everyone happy.  i know that there will always be the 3 or 4 who will complain about everything - even though we do as much as we possibly can.

i am taking it as a personal challenge to do better at the next one for you - i promise.

but to those who enjoyed every minute - to those of you who just had FUN and loved creating - making new friends, getting spoilt, breaking away for a day or two, to those of you who i hope felt no pressure for two days to be "perfect" - who could just be - to those of you i met for the first time and shared a moment with, for those of you i did not get an opportunity to share enough time with and for those of you whom i have known for a while and who always support us and make sure 6 ladies can keep their jobs and who are part of our extended family - i salute you all.

you make it sooooo worthwhile what we do.  you are all beautiful - created in His image - you are perfect, amazing, creative and unique women - you should be kind to yourself and if you need to be reminded of the fact that you are loved - you know where to find me.  i will remind you. and i hope i got to hug each and every one of you - i love hugs...

thank you for booking for a SECRET EVENT you knew nothing about...

maybe, just maybe we will do this again.......

all my love... and remember...



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