Faber Castell Gelato's.....

IMG 7941

sooooooo  the first shipment of Faber Castell Gelato's arrived at the shop 10 days ago and they are all gone - except this one set, 50's Diner.....  (the next shipment will be here on Thursday...........  don't panic!!)

i said to Kim that perhaps i should take a set home and see what the fuss is about.

well, here goes...

the colour palette i had was not my favourite - but i had to make it work.  i used American Tags for my experiment (my favourite go-to surface).

you need to cover your surface with a layer of Gesso if you want the full impact of the Gelato.  my tag that i did not cover, was a bit of a disaster - i will post the photos at a later stage.

i also used 3 different brands of Gesso - Prima's Heavy Gesso, Golden Gesso (my favourite) and DALA, a local brand.  out of these 3, the Golden gave (as always) the smoothest coverage followed by the Prima and the DALA - i think it is a tie between the Prima and DALA for second place.

i then started applying the Gelato's.  i scribbled it on the craft sheet and misted it and dipped my tag into it.  i applied it directly and blended it with my finger as well as a paint brush.  i misted it and let it run.  i created splatter.  i stamped with it.  i coloured the seam binding with it.  i painted the butterfly with it.

the only other mediums i used on this tag were Brilliance Lightening Black to stamp the butterfly and the wording - Gelato's prefer a pigment ink for stamping - and i used a Sharpie to draw the butterfly antennae and the flutterings....

IMG 7948

i think i am a Dye ink girl..........  although i can really see the possibilities of the Gelato's (one medium for LOADS of techniques) i am not fond of the almost "oily" coating it gives the paper, making it hard for me to add stamped images.  of course this problem would be solved if i owned a Black Faber Castell PITT India Ink marker....... i have decided that i am going to invest in one!!

would i buy them all?  probably not.  i think i would like to invest in a few sets with basic colours as well as the metallics. 

having said that - if you love mixed media, i think they would be a great asset.  i like mixed media, but it is not my first love as a Scrapbooker. 

what have you done with your Gelato's?  would you buy them all (or have you already?)


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