Simple is best...

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we seem to live in a day and age where everything comes across as being complicated.  and if something is not complicated, we somehow seem to think it is wrong and we then look for ways to complicate it!  (if i am not correct, i apologise - but it is my experience that this is how the world is today!!)

relationships, cellphones, life in general - all of it seems to get more complicated!  and don't think when you are a Scrapbooker or cardmaker that it gets less complicated!!! 

this layout has been on my table for MANY days....  i fiddle and then i add something and then i spend hours trying to think what "awesome" technique i need to come up with next.....  and then it hit me - i am making it way too complicated!  i seem to have lost my love for just scrapbooking for scrapbooking's sake!

so i looked at the page again, and i decided to just create it so that it makes me happy!

of course i won't tell you about the 11 paper flowers i made and threw in the dusbin, the 9 different doilie die cuts on which i did various techniques (just to go back to the first one with the simplest technique!) as well as the many layers on my chipboard letters before it ended up just being painted with my ancient Twinkling H20's and some Perfect Pearls!!  LOL!

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of course it helped that the subject of my page actually needed no other embellishments - she is just perfect!

so it made me think a little more..............

if we were created in the image of the Triune God - and He is perfect - why then do we also always try to "embellish" ourselves to the extent that we get so miserable with who we are, instead of enjoying who were created to be?

we are spending so much time on changing our physical looks as well as who we are - that we seem to forget something really important - Jesus loves us and wants us JUST THE WAY WE ARE.

once we have committed to Christ, the Holy Spirit will change us from inside if there are things that saddens God, but we should perhaps just stop and enjoy who we are in Him....

the most amazing thing of all is that this is all free - it just asks us to surrender ourselves - which includes our pride to Him.  He will do the rest.....

i pray that you will try to have a less complicated day, week, year and then life. 

remember that you are Loved - literally to Death - just the way you are.


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