i am what i don't want to be...


i have been reading a book written by John Piper, Bloodlines.  i am inspired by John Piper as a person who really desires God and who walks closely with Him. today it is very hard to find public Jesus followers who are not all about prosperity and the material blessings that you will receive if you follow Jesus.  (that is a post for another day!) today i want to talk about racism.

Paul was very clear that even in his close walk with the Lord, he was doing that which he did not want to do. 

i am what i don't want to be......i am a racist. 

this might shock a lot of people as i have been very "liberal" my whole life.  unfortunately i did not realise what the term racist really meant.  so, after starting to read Bloodlines, i had to admit to myself and God that i am indeed, a racist.

i don't want to be a racist because i believe with Jesus' death all of us who believe in Him and on Him are now a new race. but, like all sins that are "grey" according to the world - lying, coveting, greed, immorality, foul language etc, racism is also one that we "justify".

we say things like "i am not a racist, i just choose who i mingle with."  " i feel so sorry for them, i just don't want them near me". "i am not a racist, i just believe in keeping things seperate". "it is just a fact, white/black/coloured/yellow people are just different!"

we soothe ourselves and downplay the sin of racism by these flippant comments.  we do the same with lying, greed, covetousness, immorality and foul language.

" i was just so upset i had to swear". "it was just a little white lie". "i had to take the opportunity, i have to provide for my family".  "it was just a little kiss/flirtation, it did not mean anything".

it means something to Christ who died on a cross for each and everyone of us who proclaim Him as Lord of our lives. 

i admit that i have made His Grace cheap on too many occasions to mention. 

i know that only if i truly desire God, He will free me from all the hidden sins in my life that are keeping me in bondage.  i want to be truly free.  the Truth - Jesus Christ - is all that can set me free.

Lord, i pray that you will deliver me from the sin of racism - regardless of how "small" or insignifficant.  i pray that you will help me to NOT look at the colour of a person's skin, but at a person.  i pray that you will enable me to refer to a man as a man - and not a white/black/yellow/coloured man!  i pray that i will live a life where people will see You in me - and not ME in me.  i know that it is a long road, and that deliverance from the sin of racism, especially for any person in South Africa, is not easy.  it is something that we are confronted with daily.  we can't get away from the issue of race.  but You want us to see people as YOU see them.  help me to love my neighbour as i should love myself.............regardless of the colour of my neighbour.

you can download the book Bloodlines for free by clicking on the image above.

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